Friday, September 23, 2016

News from Sept. 19-23

Today your child is bringing home a white envelope for our Support Your Timberwolf fundraiser.  There are instructions taped to the front as well as an information sheet enclosed.  We are hoping that 100% of our families will be able to donate, even if it is a small amount.  There is an online link that you can share with family members for them to also donate.  I know you all probably help support other family member’s fundraisers by purchasing wrapping paper, popcorn, etc.  Now is your chance to ask for their support in return. We want all students to return the white envelopes, even if you donate online or if you are unable to donate.  The class with the most envelopes returned will earn a pizza party.

Remember that MONDAY, Sept. 26 is PICTURE DAY!  You can order pictures online at  and use the code KM986013Q0

This week in reading we prepared to give Book Talks.  Students chose a fiction book they have read this quarter to tell about.  We are going to be recording and sharing these soon.  Technology wasn’t working correctly this week for us to be able to finish our projects.  We also have been answering questions about a book, using evidence from the text to support our answers. 

In writing, we are still working on our personal narratives, but we are in the revision stage.  We are looking back through our stories to see where we can add dialogue, and where we might add paragraphs and transition words.

In science we continue to learn about plants.  This week our focus was more on the life cycle of the plant.

In math we finished estimating and rounding and began adding three digit numbers with regrouping.  Next week will be a big learning week as we delve into subtraction with regrouping.  This always seems to be a struggle for some kids.  So, this would be a good topic to provide some extra practice or support at home.  On  students can access the math folder where a list of links for subtraction practice are listed.

This week we completed our first Acuity tests in reading and math.  We will take this test 3 times this year.  It will help students be prepared for MAP testing at the end of the year.  The teachers use the data from the tests to help us alter our instruction for what skills students might be lacking. 

Don’t forget that TONIGHT is our Tiffany Ridge playground night!  Make sure parents attend with your child and do not drop students off.