Friday, September 16, 2016

News from Sept. 12-16

This week in reading we worked on noticing parts of the story that speak to us and recording those thoughts.  One way we did that was by using annotating marks with sticky notes.  Another thing we did was use thinking stems to help guide our thinking.  We wrote in depth off of our thinking stem notes.  We have been using our reading journal as a place to record our thinking while reading.

In writing we wrote our personal narratives scene by scene in a booklet and worked on writing leads that catch the reader’s attention.  We also discussed the importance of “editing as we go”, paying attention to our spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as we write.

In social studies we took an assessment for Communities.  We started our Science unit about plants.  Students enjoyed looking up-close at leaves and stems.  We have been using a supplemental science website called Mystery Science that is really fun and hands-on.  It also gives students time to discuss and reflect with their classmates.

In math, we had a big week with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred and estimating sums.  We will continue this for a couple of days next week as we estimate differences.  Please check in with your child and see how they feel they are doing with rounding.

We started changing classes for our Word Study groups this week.  Right now we are just introducing the games and activities so students will know the expectations.

A few students (not everyone) should have brought home mid-term reports.  Please send those back signed next week.  We had another great week in third grade!