Friday, September 30, 2016

News from Sept. 26-30

Thank you to all of you who sent back your Support Your Timberwolf envelope.  If you haven’t returned it yet, it’s not too late!  You can still return it next week or you can make your donation online

Today an orange flier is coming home with your child to tell you about our coin drive next week and our Spirit Week the following week.  All next week, students will be able to donate coins to containers with teacher pictures on them.  The top three teachers with the most money will get a pie in the face, silly stringed, or wrapped up like a mummy!  This has been a real hit in past years.

Next Friday is our Global Cardboard Challenge.  Students always look forward to this day!  If you are interested in helping that day, please use the following link
We are also collecting cardboard boxes and donations of heavy duty tape for students to use to make their creations.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, students can order a lunch from home or they can order a sack lunch from school that day.  They will let me know their choice on Wednesday.

This week the third grade teachers from across the district were able to attend a full day training with Instructional Technology Facilitators.  We learned several useful tools that we were able to come back the next day to put into practice.  It was a day well spent!

Your child might have mentioned our science activity with apples this week.  We have been learning about plants, and this Mystery Science lesson taught them about selection and how to grow the best, biggest, and sweetest fruit.  We tried 5 different kinds of apples.  The Jonathon apples were a big hit (they came from the apple orchard and were soooo delicious!).  We took our Plants assessment today.  We actually tried a digital option and the results weren’t user friendly, which resulted in us completing a written test.  It was worth a try though! J

In math we reviewed subtraction with regrouping (2 digits) and also used place value blocks to demonstrate regrouping with 3 digits.  We will continue 3 digit subtraction next week.

In reading, we read some really great books and practiced answering questions with text evidence.  We also looked at the Central message that the author was trying to get across to the reader.  Lastly, we touched on literal vs. nonliteral language.  We signed up for an additional online reading resource called Students can access it from home by using my login and password: scottc  There were many books to choose from and students seemed to enjoy the selection.

Students started writing their revised drafts into a Google doc on next week we will share our writing with classmates so that we can help one another edit and make more suggestions for revisions.  Students can access their google classroom accounts from any computer and from home if they would like to work on it from home.

I still have a few parents not signed up for parent conferences.  Please email me or call the office to schedule your conference time. 

Also, as the quarter is ending soon, please be sure that you have activated your Infinite Campus account, as this is how report cards will be accessed moving forward.

Ask your child to share with you the activity we did for our class meeting today! It was called the Hand Game.
Friday, September 23, 2016

News from Sept. 19-23

Today your child is bringing home a white envelope for our Support Your Timberwolf fundraiser.  There are instructions taped to the front as well as an information sheet enclosed.  We are hoping that 100% of our families will be able to donate, even if it is a small amount.  There is an online link that you can share with family members for them to also donate.  I know you all probably help support other family member’s fundraisers by purchasing wrapping paper, popcorn, etc.  Now is your chance to ask for their support in return. We want all students to return the white envelopes, even if you donate online or if you are unable to donate.  The class with the most envelopes returned will earn a pizza party.

Remember that MONDAY, Sept. 26 is PICTURE DAY!  You can order pictures online at  and use the code KM986013Q0

This week in reading we prepared to give Book Talks.  Students chose a fiction book they have read this quarter to tell about.  We are going to be recording and sharing these soon.  Technology wasn’t working correctly this week for us to be able to finish our projects.  We also have been answering questions about a book, using evidence from the text to support our answers. 

In writing, we are still working on our personal narratives, but we are in the revision stage.  We are looking back through our stories to see where we can add dialogue, and where we might add paragraphs and transition words.

In science we continue to learn about plants.  This week our focus was more on the life cycle of the plant.

In math we finished estimating and rounding and began adding three digit numbers with regrouping.  Next week will be a big learning week as we delve into subtraction with regrouping.  This always seems to be a struggle for some kids.  So, this would be a good topic to provide some extra practice or support at home.  On  students can access the math folder where a list of links for subtraction practice are listed.

This week we completed our first Acuity tests in reading and math.  We will take this test 3 times this year.  It will help students be prepared for MAP testing at the end of the year.  The teachers use the data from the tests to help us alter our instruction for what skills students might be lacking. 

Don’t forget that TONIGHT is our Tiffany Ridge playground night!  Make sure parents attend with your child and do not drop students off.
Friday, September 16, 2016

News from Sept. 12-16

This week in reading we worked on noticing parts of the story that speak to us and recording those thoughts.  One way we did that was by using annotating marks with sticky notes.  Another thing we did was use thinking stems to help guide our thinking.  We wrote in depth off of our thinking stem notes.  We have been using our reading journal as a place to record our thinking while reading.

In writing we wrote our personal narratives scene by scene in a booklet and worked on writing leads that catch the reader’s attention.  We also discussed the importance of “editing as we go”, paying attention to our spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as we write.

In social studies we took an assessment for Communities.  We started our Science unit about plants.  Students enjoyed looking up-close at leaves and stems.  We have been using a supplemental science website called Mystery Science that is really fun and hands-on.  It also gives students time to discuss and reflect with their classmates.

In math, we had a big week with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred and estimating sums.  We will continue this for a couple of days next week as we estimate differences.  Please check in with your child and see how they feel they are doing with rounding.

We started changing classes for our Word Study groups this week.  Right now we are just introducing the games and activities so students will know the expectations.

A few students (not everyone) should have brought home mid-term reports.  Please send those back signed next week.  We had another great week in third grade!  
Friday, September 2, 2016

Week of Aug. 29-Sept. 2

Just a reminder that we do not have school Monday or Tuesday, so I will see everyone back on Wednesday, September 7.  Have a nice 4 day weekend with your family!

This week in reading, we continued to focus on strategies to be good readers.  By third grade, most students no longer need to follow words with their finger or to whisper read.  They should be reading longer and stronger.  We practiced reading with expression in smooth, meaningful phrases. We also discussed the importance of monitoring our reading and going back to reread or self-correct when we lose meaning or become confused.  We talked about plowing over unknown words and pushing forward until the meaning of the word becomes clear.

In social studies, we took our assessment on the bordering states and rivers of Missouri.  Next, we started learning about different types of communities and why communities are settled near landforms and natural resources such as rivers or mountains.  Students are bringing home an interview sheet called “Tell Me About Your Community”.  They should ask a parent or grandparent about the community they grew up in and record their answers.  Please send these back on Wednesday so we can discuss them.

In Math, we finished up our first unit on Numeration.  This week we compared and ordered numbers by looking at the place values of the digits.  We also spent one day on the Problem Solving strategy of making an organized list.  We did a fun small group activity choosing all the possible combinations of a magician’s outfit including hat, wig, cape, jacket, shoes, or boots.

In writing, we continued to generate ideas for our personal narratives.  We focused on special people and places. 

Mrs. Natzke, our counselor, came in for her introduction.  We will have lessons with her for the next three weeks.


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Have a great weekend!