Friday, August 26, 2016

Week of Aug. 22-26

Hi Parents,
Thank you to those of you who were able to make it to Parent Orientation last night.  I am adding the link to the slide show I used last night, so you can refer back to it.

I am sending home with your students today the two items that were out on their desks for Parent Orientation.  One was an explanation of the new grading system.  The other was an Early Dismissal Form.  Please fill that small half sheet out and return it as soon as possible.  We use that information in case of an early dismissal from school, such as a snow storm or other unforeseen reason.

Last night was also an opportunity for parents to sign up to help with the class room parties.  So far we have ONE person signed up to help with the fall party and NO HELPERS signed up to help with the winter or valentine party.  So, if you are interested in helping, please email me and I’ll write you in.  Stephanie Kauzlarich volunteered to be our parent “party coordinator”.  Thank you, Stephanie!

Also, many of you are already signed up for Parent Conferences, but I still have 7 people not signed up for a time slot.  The only times I have left are on Thursday, October 27.  I have several times between 1:00-3:40.  Please let me know if you’d like me to get you signed up for a conference time.

This week we were able to get more into our curriculum.  In reading we talked about picking books that are just right, not too hard or too easy.  We also discussed the importance of a healthy reading diet.  Students should keep a variety of books in their book boxes, not just one series or one genre.  Students also were assigned to Reading Accountability partners.  This will be someone who can help support them in their reading goals, challenge them, and hold them accountable.

In writing we did some quick writes.  Quick writes will be used occasionally throughout the year to give us a break from our normal writing.  We use a photo, video clip, or an infographic to inspire us to write creatively.

In math, we worked with larger 6 digit numbers and named them in expanded, standard, and word form.  We also practiced identifying numbers on a number line.  We got our accounts set up for, and These are all websites students can access from home.

In social studies, we continued practicing the states that border Missouri, as well as the two rivers, and some major cities in Missouri.  Students are bringing home their Social Studies folders to study their materials over the weekend.  We will take a test over this on Monday. 

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Friday, August 19, 2016

First Full Week!

We had our first full week of school this week and boy was it busy!

We continued practicing procedures and going over expectations for different areas and times of day.

Students took the STAR Reading and STAR math tests, which they will take three times this year, We took an addition and subtraction timed test, so I could see which kids still need to work on basic math fact mastery.  And, I have started reading individually with each student so I can assess their independent and instructional reading levels.  We use a program called Fountas and Pinnell benchmarking system.

We had fun with a snowball/ball pit activity. Students partnered up to read and discuss questions, before they wadded the paper up and threw it to another place in the room.  I always try to use a variety of ways to group and partner students.

We started our first Reading Unit which focuses on Building a Reading Life.  We talked about choosing books that are on their level, respecting each other as readers, recording the books they read, and setting realistic reading goals.

We also started our first Math Unit which has a strong focus on place value and number sense.  We always take a pre-test as well as a post-test with each unit.  It's a good way for students to see their growth.  The pretest helps me to see if there are students who may need enrichment or reteaching.  We worked on writing numbers in different ways such as standard, expanded, and written form.  Students also used place value blocks to represent numbers in different ways. Students learned that we will use our math journal as a tool to practice skills and refer back to examples of what we learn in class.

In Social Studies we started learning about the states that border Missouri.  We will also learn about the two rivers that help create Missouri's borders. We learned a catchy song that will help them remember the states bordering Missouri.

We have been enjoying our Morning Meetings where we greet our classmates and have discussions. Students have already earned 5 PACK paws for getting compliments.  Once we earn 10, they will get to choose a reward as a class.  Students also got to trade in their PACK points today for the first time. We collected 135 as a class this week. Our goal is to earn 5,000 PACK points by the end of the year!

Students enjoyed OUTSIDE recess this week!

I look forward to seeing you at Parent Orientation next week!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Welcome Back to School

We had a busy two days this week!  We got our supplies labeled and organized so we will be ready for a great year of learning!  We started the first day of school with a Pop-Quiz!  It was a true or false quiz to get to know the teacher.  We followed that with an M&M activity for them to get to know their classmates.  We have been going over our PACK expectations and many, many procedures for the school day.  All of the time spent on this will help kids be successful because they know what to expect.  We had indoor recess the first day due to the heat.  But that gave them a chance to use indoor recess games such as Twister and Legos, which they loved!

Today we took a spelling inventory so that I can group kids for our Word Study groups.  They also did some more fun activities such as Would You Rather? and Two Truths and a Lie.  Students made bracelets with colored beads that represented their likes and dislikes.  I also had the students complete a reading survey so I can get to know them as readers.  They are itching to get their hands on the books in our classroom library! (Which makes me so happy!)  We will get to that next week, after we go over procedures for our classroom library.

We will continue next week with some nuts and bolts as we also begin our regular reading, writing, and math curriculum.  I sent each student home with a picture I took of them from the first day of school!  I hope you enjoy them!  If you would like me to email you a digital copy of it, just email me your request. Here are a few action shots I took during the M&M activity.  If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen these posted yesterday!Follow us on Twitter @TR_Scott_205

Just a reminder that if you haven't signed up for Infinite Campus, please do so.  I believe there is a link on the Tiffany Ridge website and on the district website. I hope to see you all at Parent Orientation in a few weeks.  I'm looking forward to a great year together!

~Mrs. Scott