Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Great Minds Think Alike

Look at these cute 3rd grade friends!
Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting to Know Our Classmates

We spent the first two days of school getting organized and going over expectations.  But most importantly, we got to know our classmates.  One activity was the M&M game where they told things about themselves based on the color of the M&M.  They did this in partners and then introduced one another to the whole class.

Another activity we did was make Get to Know Me backpack pulls.  Some kids made bracelets instead. They added colored beads based on their interests.  For example, white meant they like to write, red meant they like to read.

We discussed the Code of Conduct topics by working in small groups coming up with examples for each topic.  In order to form groups, students drew an animal from a sack.  They had to go around the room making that animal's sound.  Once they all found each other, they worked together.

We still have some nuts and bolts to cover next week.  I will be doing some pre-assessments with each student to get some baseline data.  We will also begin our regular curriculum this coming week.

This is an amazing group of kids, which makes me so excited to spend the year with them!