Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Super observant scientists

We have been learning about plant parts and their functions. Today we took a closer look at some leaves and stems. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Full Swing Ahead

We have had a wonderful start to the school year.  This group of kids is so sweet!  It has honestly been one of my best starts to a school year in 18 years.  The manners and kindness that I have noticed them displaying to one another and myself is amazing.  It makes me even more excited for the upcoming year I have with them!

This week we have gotten into a routine for our Reader’s and Writer’s workshop, Math, and Social Studies.  We decorated our Writer’s notebooks.  We also discussed how to choose “just right” books, and the importance of a “balanced reading diet”.  We are discussing fiction versus non-fiction and how different genres of books fit into those categories.

I have also had a chance to read individually with each of your kids so I could get some baseline data on their reading levels and fluency.  I love when I get a chance to have one-on-one time with each student! 

We have been working on in the mornings as part of our morning routine.  This is timed basic facts website that allows kids work on their fact fluency.  It only takes about 5 minutes, and provides them with extra practice.  They can access this from home as well.

You may have been hearing your child singing or humming the Missouri song.  One of our learning goals is to name the border states of Missouri.  It’s a short, fun unit.

If you signed up to volunteer, please be patient with me while I work on figuring out a volunteer schedule.

A few reminders:

·         Please sign and return the Student Discipline Contract if you haven’t already.

·         Students brought home their first reading log this week.  It will be due on Monday of each week.  Please have them keep track of the books they are reading outside of school and the minutes they spent reading.  Remember, the goal for third grade is 100 minutes, or 20 minutes a night.

·         If you have not had a chance to complete the student information form online, please do so.  Tiffany Ridge is using this online form to get transportation, early release, health, and updated emergency contact information for EVERY STUDENT.
Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Writers' Notebooks

Today we decorated our Writer's notebooks.  The kids are ready to write some super stories this year! I love the way they personalized them and put thought into the layouts!  Look at those sweet smiles.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of Third Grade

Hi 3rd Grade Parents!
We had a great first day of third grade!  We enjoyed making new friends and getting to know our classmates today.  We did an M&M activity in partners.  We played People Bingo and were able to get some of our energy out.  And to get to know Mrs. Scott, we played “The Answer to the Question”. We organized our desks and supplies.  We went over PACK expectations in some of the areas of the school.  We came up with PACK expectations for our classroom.  We also started brainstorming some reward activities to spend our PACK points on.  Whew!  Today just flew by!  I’m looking forward to a fantastic year!

Enjoy this quick video of the kids on their first day.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Parent Orientation Presentation

Parent Orientation Presentation

The link above is the presentation from last night's Parent Orientation.
Thursday, August 7, 2014

Welcome to Third Grade!

Thanks to all the parents who attended Parent Orientation this evening! I'm looking forward to a fantastic school year with your kids! If you were unable to attend, your folder of information will be on your child's desk at Back to School Night on Monday from 5-7 pm.  I hope everyone will plan to stop by and say hi, let your kids unpack their school supplies and explore their new classroom!

Below is the link to complete the online student information if you didn't get a chance to do that this evening:

Remember, this form needs to be completed for EACH CHILD in your family that attends Tiffany Ridge. Thank you!