Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crazy for Recycling

Thursday was Crazy Sock day at Tiffany Ridge to show that we are "Crazy for Recycling". We enjoyed our theme days for GREEN WEEK this week.

Kobe cuts Mr. Fitzmorris's tie

Kobe turned in 100 pack points to cut Mr. Fitzmorris's tie. Good job, Kobe!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Preparing for the MAP test!

We have been spending time preparing for MAP TESTING! We have been practicing strategies using released items.  Then using our own answers, we looked at the scoring guides to see how well we would have scored.  We also looked at anchor papers of how actual third graders answered and were scored. These are a few fun videos we watched this week to get us motivated!

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Moment of Disbelief!

Well, we had an eventful morning!  It started out with what I thought was an "observation" by another teacher, Mrs. Barner.  A few minutes later, in walked Mr. Fitzmorris, which isn't an unusual occurrence.  Immediately following, was Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Redinger, along with camera crew, my husband, and many other individuals filling our classroom with balloons, signs, cards, and flowers! Wow!  Tears immediately filled my eyes!  I was overwhelmed with emotion and pride.  Not for myself, but for this profession.  I love being a teacher!  This was a moment I never dreamed of happening.  Teacher of the Year in Park Hill School District.  Really?!!  I still can't believe it!  My kids were so excited!  All they could talk about was being on Channel 18.  Throughout the day, they have told everyone they've crossed paths with that "their teacher" is Teacher of the Year.  If only they knew how many times I refer to them as "my kids" as I speak of THEM with pride.  They are the reason I love my job.  They are the reason I chose this profession.  They are the reason I burst with pride when I see them learn.  They are the reason I cry when they leave on the last day of school.  THANK YOU for raising such great kids and for sharing them with me!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inventors Research Project

Students have been working in partners to research an inventor.  They are using books and online sources.  We have been learning about online search tools and using keywords to search for topics.  They are also using a strategy called "skim and scan" as they look for information, as it would be impossible to read every article or website.  Those non-fiction text features sure are coming in handy!  Students will choose to create a PowerPoint or a Prezi, and they will give an oral presentation to the class with their partner.  This will be excellent speaking practice!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Arrowhead Stadium field trip

Wow! What a great field trip we had today! And beautiful weather to go along with it! The kids had a great time at the Sports Lab where they played lots of games learning about their bodies, eating healthy, and getting exercise. The tour of the stadium was amazing! The #1 question starting at about 10:30 this morning was, "When are we going to eat?" I guess all that exercise worked up their appetites! Enjoy the photos of our day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Joshua Cuts Mr. Fitzmorris's Tie

Joshua traded in 100 PACK points to cut Mr. Fitzmorris's tie today!  What a fun way to spend the PACK points he's been saving.  Thanks, Mr. Fitzmorris! We have a few students that are getting really close to having enough PACK points to go next!