Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Multiplication patterns

Skip counting is one of our strategies for learning our multiplication facts. Today we highlighted 100s charts showing the multiples of each number.

Main idea

We have been using main ideas and details to help us summarize a passage. Today we made these tables with the main idea written on the top and the details on each leg.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
I’m finally back into the swing of things here at school! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I appreciate all of the sympathy cards and emails I received regarding the passing of my mother-in-law. Thanks for being patient with me, as I know I haven’t updated our blog in quite some time. So… Let’s catch up on what we’ve been up to for the past month in Room 205.

We just finished working on Author’s Purpose during Reader’s Workshop. An author writes for three main reasons: to persuade, inform, or to entertain. We carried this theme over to Writer’s Workshop as we wrote paragraphs and letters to persuade. We read some great books that modeled persuasive writing. A few of those books include I Wanna Iguana, I Wanna New Room, Earrings, and My Brother Dan’s Delicious.

In Math we finished up our Geometry Unit which included 2-3D shapes, symmetry, perimeter, and transformations. The kids did a great job with Geometry. We are now learning multiplication strategies to help us become fluent with our multiplication facts. Some strategies we are learning include skip counting, arrays, grouping, and repeated addition. We have started taking weekly multiplication and division timed tests, just to get the kids used to them. After learning the multiplication strategies, students will work through the facts and earn toppings for a banana split party. More information about that will be coming soon. We may start this before Winter Break, but more than likely we will finish in January.

In Social Studies, we studied the importance and meaning of The Declaration of Independence and the Star Spangled Banner. We are currently learning about the Constitution and the Three Branches of Government. It’s a big unit with lots of important facts and history.

We enjoyed our Field Trip to Coterie Theatre last week to see “Shrek the Musical”. The play was funny and the kids seemed to like it. It’s always fun to spend part of our day outside of the school. I know as a kid, my favorite part of field trips was getting to bring a sack lunch.

We completed our second Acuity testing window this week. Our class average increased, and as a class we are in the Proficient range. Most students’ scores also increased. We are tracking our progress in the classroom on our data board, as well as individually in our data binders. Our next testing window for Acuity is in February. Next week we will take the STAR reading and math tests during computer lab.

I know Thanksgiving has passed, but I want you to know how much I truly LOVE being your child’s teacher! I am thankful for each of my students and for each of you! Your support means the world to me.
Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Party

Thank you to all of the parents who donated, volunteered, and attended our party yesterday!  The kids had a great time!  Enjoy the slide show!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Schoolgirl Style Challenge Finalist!

Our classroom is a finalist in the Schoolgirl Style Challenge for Best Classroom 2012! Please go to the website www.schoolgirlstyle.com and click on Schoolgirl Style Finalist #6. After you view the pictures, scroll down and leave a comment. To do this, you need to enter a name (first name only if you prefer), your email address (which will not be shown with your comment), and a quick comment. That’s all you have to do to vote! Thanks in advance for your vote!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AR Superstars!

These kiddos each met their personal Accelerated Reading goals for first quarter!  Great Job!
Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We have been working on fractions this week.  Yesterday we made these awesome fraction pizzas! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Field Trip

Our first field trip is scheduled for Monday, November 19.  We will be going to the Coterie Theatre.  We will be sending home the permission slip in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it!  The cost will be around $8.00 per student.  We will be doing a drawing to pick parent chaperones.  That information will be included on the field trip note as well.

Friday is our first Tiffany Ridge Carnival.  Thank you to our wonderful PTA for their hard work in planning this fun family event!  I hope you plan to attend!  I will be working the ticket booth from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Can you believe first quarter is almost over?!  Next week is the last week of the quarter.  You know that means Parent Teacher conferences are right around the corner...  I want to meet with each and every one of you, so please contact me to set up your conference time if you haven't already.

Our Fall Party will take place on October 31 from 2-3 pm.  We will be having a costume parade beginning around 1:45.  Students should not wear their costumes to school.  Costumes should be ones that can easily be changed into and preferably worn over their school clothes.  More information will be coming home soon.
Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Subtraction with regrouping

In math we have been learning about addition properties: associative, commutative, and identity properties.

We reviewed adding three digit numbers with regrouping, and have also been practicing subtraction with regrouping.  We watched this YouTube video that is pretty catchy!

I have an app on my iPad that I used with several kids today that does an excellent job of teaching the steps of regrouping.

One of the most common mistakes in subtracting large numbers isn't just the process of regrouping. Sometimes it's the simple errors from not knowing basic subtraction facts.  Don't forget that your child can log in to www.xtramath.org from home to practice those basic facts.

One day,  we played a card game in partners to practice three digit subtraction with regrouping.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Popcorn Party!

We earned our first classroom reward for compliments.  Each time we get a compliment from another teacher or adult, we earn a letter to spell the word TIMBERWOLVES. Whole class compliments can be for anything from walking quietly in the hallway to having awesome class participation in Art class. I'm proud of my third graders for earning enough compliments to have a POPCORN PARTY!  We watched a Bill Nye video while we enjoyed our popcorn.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Good news! I posted a project on www.DonorsChoose.org/Cheryl.Scott last week and with the help of my family and matching donations from the DonorsChoose Board, I was able to get it funded within a few days!!  The project was for Mentor Texts for us to use in the classroom during Reader's and Writer's workshop mini-lessons.  So...I immediately got on the site and created another project for us to get some headsets to use with our classroom laptops.  That project is about 33% funded.  My THIRD and MOST IMPORTANT project was for children's books for the kids to use during Independent Reading time. This project was just posted this week.  Here is where I need your help...

Starting on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, Limeades for Learning voting begins.  Sonic partners with DonorsChoose.org and they fund classroom grants based on VOTES.  The voting takes place for five weeks, but I have HIGH HOPES that we can get enough votes to get our project funded in the first week.  Apparently the first week of voting is when you have the best chance of getting funded.  I am sending home a green paper with your child that has a QR code on it (the kind you can scan with your cell phone).  I am asking you to take one minute a day to vote for my project.  You can scan the QR code right from your cell phone or you may go directly online to http://limeadesforlearning.com/teachers/view/1055472/teacher/864990 to vote for my project from a computer. 

If you feel so inclined to get your co-workers and/or family members to vote, I would be so so grateful!!  You can vote once per day!  And if you go to Sonic, you get a coupon code that counts for 2 votes.  And remember, it is YOUR KIDS who will benefit most because they will have lots and lots of books to read in our classroom!!

Thanks in advance for taking the time each day to vote (starting MONDAY)!
Friday, September 14, 2012

BoGgLe, Plants, and Pictures

Monday will be Library Day, so please help your child remember his/her book.  Right now we are only checking out one book until we can be responsible to bring them back each time.  Hopefully soon, our class will be able to check out two books!

Monday we will also take a quick assessment about telling time in five minute intervals.  If your child is struggling with this, please spend a little time together this weekend reviewing and practicing.

Mid-term progress reports will be sent home on Monday, so please check your child's backpack.  Sign and return the form as soon as possible.

On Tuesday, we will take our Plants assessment in science.  Students are bringing home a study guide and their science folders this weekend to study.

Wednesday, September 19 will be individual student picture day.  These are the pictures that are typically used for the school yearbook.  Order forms should be coming home early next week.

We have a new student named Laniya Harris.  We are happy to have her join our class!  Please plan for 26 students when sending in birthday treats.

This week, the kids worked on our first Boggle board in their free time.  These two kiddos had lots and lots of words!  Good job, Joshua and Aiden!

Today we played Telling Time BINGO to get ready for that assessment next Monday!  This guy won our first game!  Way to go, Braeden!

And will you look at this gal??  She got 100% on four AR quizzes this week... she's no dum-dum!!  Proud of you, MIchelle!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Telling Time resources


This week we have been practicing telling time in 5 minute intervals.  This is the third grade 3.0 goal.  The kids really enjoyed the website (above) trying to beat the clock on matching times with clock faces.  It would be a great practice tool for home!


This is from the same website but is a little difficult to get the exact time.  Kids would still enjoy it!


This website has lists of games for telling time.
Monday, September 10, 2012

Accelerated Reading Quizzes

Friday I was able to reward several kids with suckers from our Dum-Dum tree for earning 100% on Accelerated Reader quizzes.  If the bottom of the sucker stick is colored in, they get a double doozie and get to choose from the treasure chest!

Today, we reviewed time to the quarter hour by playing a Hop & Solve game.  It's an active way to get the kids moving around the room to answer basic time questions.  They seem to enjoy it... except when they get off by one space and it messes up the whole page!  That happened to a handful of kiddos.

Today information came home about the Cookie Dough and Entertainment Book fundraiser.  I hope you will consider participating!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seeds, Salad, and More

This week we are completing a scientific investigation to determine which seeds germinate fastest: corn, radish, sunflower, or pinto beans.

In Reader's Workshop, we have been discussing "real reading".  Text+Thinking=Real Reading.  To demonstrate this we made a reading salad.  As we read a book together, we added lettuce (green paper) for all of our thinking, and tomatoes and carrots (red and orange paper) for the text.  What we found out is that reading is mostly about thinking, not just the words.
We have been doing such a good job with our reading stamina, that we now are able to read around the room in some of our comfy spots. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Place value

Today in math we used styrofoam cups to demonstrate expanded and standard form of five digit numbers (thank you Pinterest).  The kids loved it!  I hope it helped their understanding by having a concrete example to get their hands on.

In Reader's Workshop today we talked about having a Balanced Reading Diet.  I brought in two sample lunches (one healthy, one not).  We discussed keeping a variety of book genres in their reading baskets, so they can have a balanced reading diet. 

Don't forget to get those Timberwolf Trek pledges and money collected by Friday!  I know the kids want more playground equipment.  And personally, I'm looking forward to the dance off between Mr. Fitzmorris and Mrs. Brooks!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Writer's Notebooks

Today we personalized our Writer's Notebooks.  Thank you for sending pictures and magazine clippings for us to use.  Tomorrow we will partner share about our notebook decorations.

Today we also had our Olweus anti-bullying kick off assembly.  The videos used in the presentation were powerful examples of how bullying takes place.  The students were very good listeners throughout the assembly.  They may want to discuss this topic more at home with you.

We also watched a short video about plant parts that we eat.  We completed a flip book project afterward describing the jobs of each part of the plant. Here is a cute song we watched last week.

Overall, we had a great Monday!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Passwords and Codes galore!

I am sending home some important passwords and codes with your child tomorrow.  One of them is for www.raz-kids.com This is an online reading program that kids can work on at school or at home.  I demonstrated it with them today in class.  When they login, they will sign in with my class code Cherylannscott  Then they will see the class list with their own icon.  They will click their icon and their picture password. (It will make sense when you see the login card.)

The next resource is www.xtramath.org  This is also a tool that can be used at home or school.  It gives your child approximately 10 minutes of basic math fact practice for each time they login. The directions are printed out on a flier specifically for your child, so look for that sheet tomorrow.

Lastly, I have set our class up for online book order at https://orders.scholastic.com/L6WL6  You do not have to use the online method, but if you do, they are offering some incentives this year.  We have not received the paper copy of the book order that usually comes each month.  It may be because we are at a new school.  I will send those home when I get them.  Our online class code is L6WL6, but if yiou just use the link above, it will get you there!!

Our class has been building our reading stamina (focused independent reading time).  Today, we read for 18 minutes!  Here is a picture...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!

The kids got a kick out of this YouTube video today, so I thought I'd share it with you.  I guess the wolf howling was pretty funny to them... go figure!  We reviewed place value today, as we will soon start to work with larger numbers.  We played a few rounds of a game called Place Value Clues, which we will continue later in the week. 

Today we also went to the playground to learn about Playground PACK expectations.  One of the main focuses was on "C" which means Caring for Others.  On the playground, one way students can care for others is to include them in their games and activities.  The playground is a fun place for most kids, but can also be a lonely or scary place for others.  Some kids might feel left out or alone on the playground.  In keeping with one of our four anti-bullying statements, on the playground all Tiffany Ridge students are making a commitment to include others who are left out.

In Writer's Workshop today we discussed a way to personalize their Writer's Notebooks. If students would like to bring some pictures from home to decorate their notebook, that would be great!  In the past we have used magazine clippings, but unfortunately I got rid of all my magazines when I moved to Tiffany Ridge.

If you are a parent who volunteered to help in the classroom or from home, I will be getting back with you soon about setting up a schedule.  I already have a few projects that I need help with!!

There are still several kids missing index dividers, and we do not have any extras at school.  So, if you can double check with your child, we will be needing these for our data binders. 

Don't forget, study those addition and subtraction facts with your child, sign their planner each night, and have them read at home 100 minutes a week.  (I love how the new student planner has a spot to record reading minutes!!)

I am really enjoying getting to know your kids. I am already seeing their individual personalities stand out!! 

Sorry for such a long post tonight!  Have a good evening!
Friday, August 17, 2012

1st Day of Third Grade photos

I'm so excited that I found out about sliderocket (because I was prowling on another teacher's blog)!  Now I know how to embed slide shows on our blog!  This is my first time using a blog, so I'm still learning.  But here are those super cute third graders on the first day of school!

Parent Orientation slide show

For those of you who were not able to make it to parent orientation, here is what you missed.  Check out the slide about signing up for Remind 101 text messages!!

Great week!

We had a busy three days this week! One of the highlights was playing "People BINGO" with the whole third grade in the pod area (picture above). Students each had a game board and they had to get other students to sign the box if certain things applied to them, such as:  I write with my left hand, I have a cat, or I know the principal's name.  It was a fun time!

We also had a few new students join our class this week.  For the purpose of birthday treats, etc. we now have 25 students.  Next week we will start using our student planners, and we will begin our third grade curriculum.  We will continue to teach procedures as well.  I'm looking forward to another great week!
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our first day at Tiffany Ridge

Wow!  What a day!  It just flew by!  The first days/weeks of school will be spent going over procedures.  We will also do some fun getting aquainted activities.  Today we spent some time getting our school supplies organized.  There were a few things that some kids were missing, so you might want to check with your child to see if they have all the supplies they need.  Several kids were missing index dividers.  I took some great pictures of your kiddos today.  Unfortunately, email wouldn't let me send the PowerPoint because the attachment was too large.  Sooooooo.... check your email tonight or tomorrow for your child's individual 1st Day of School photo.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly our first day went at Tiffany Ridge.  I'm looking forward to a fun year together.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call (359-6108) or send me an email scottc@parkhill.k12.mo.us
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Night

I enjoyed meeting many of you at Parent Orientation Thursday night.  I am looking forward to meeting all of my new third graders on Monday from 5:00-6:30.  Stop by Tiffany Ridge and drop off school supplies and meet your new teacher and classmates.  See you there!
Thursday, August 2, 2012

Back to School!

I can't believe it's almost time for school to begin.  This year is a special one as we get to open Tiffany Ridge together.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get this school year started.  I've spent many hours unpacking and getting our classroom ready for all of my future third graders. I feel so lucky to be part of this new community of Tiffany Ridge Timberwolves. I am looking forward to meeting many of you at Parent Orientation on August 9.  Back to School Night will be held for students on Monday, August 13.  It's going to be a great year!