Thursday, August 24, 2017

Parent Orientation presentation

In case you were unable to make it to Parent Orientation, the link below will take you to the presentation of information that was shared.  Thank you.  

Parent Orientation 2017

First week of school

We had a great first week.  We spent time getting to know each other, going over many procedures and expectations, and getting our supplies organized.  We started our reading lessons on becoming a community of readers. Students got to pick some books to keep in their reading boxes.  We practiced building stamina of focused, uninterrupted reading time.

Despite the cloudy weather, we did get to see the solar eclipse.  Unfortunately, during totality, it was too cloudy to see much.  But it was pretty cool to feel the temperature drop and the sky get dark. I'm glad I got to experience this historic event with them!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Curriculum Update

In Reading, we have been using nonfiction texts to read about and research different countries.  The kids have been practicing note taking strategies to organize the facts that they are learning.  They are working on a presentation using LucidPress.  They will be sharing their learning with their classmates tomorrow.

In Science, we have been learning about matter and energy. We completed a written review on Monday and Tuesday, and played a jeopardy game review yesterday.  The kids are taking an assessment today, and I know they will do great! Next we will be learning about the Water Cycle, which actually builds on what they learned about heat energy causing matter to change states.  It will be a short unit.

In writing, students are writing opinion pieces about a topic they have strong feelings about.  For example, recess should be longer, students should be allowed to chew gum in class, people should not text and drive… these are a few student’s topics.  We are following an OREO format which means they state their Opinion, give Reasons and Examples, and then restate their Opinion.

In math, we have been learning about fractions and how to compare fractions.  We have compared fractions with like denominators as well as those with like numerators.  We have also used a number line to compare fractions. Next we will be learning about equivalent fractions.

Monday, October 31, 2016
Sunday, October 23, 2016

News Oct. 17-21

I hope you all were able to access your child's report card through Infinite Campus.  If you weren't able to, please contact the school office for assistance.

It's been a few weeks since I have given you a curriculum update.

In Communication Arts, we have started learning about Non-fiction texts.  Students are using text features such as table of contents, index, headings, captions, and diagrams to help them navigate through NF texts.  Many times students get stuck on reading fiction chapter books and overlook the value and discovery of NF books. We have been practicing strategies for determining unknown words, responding to our reading through quick jots, and marking spots that speak to us with annotating marks.  This unit ties in perfectly with our 2nd quarter writing focus: Informational writing.  Students are each choosing a topic to research and write an informational book about.  Many students have already chosen their topic. Most students chose an animal, there are a few students who chose other topics. I have put some books on hold at the public library that students can use for research.  But they can also pick out their own books to use at the public library or our school library.  We will use some data bases to research online as well.

In Math, we started our multiplication unit.  The first unit was just getting an understanding that multiplication is combining equal groups.  We used repeated addition, arrays, story problems to represent multiplication sentences.  As we move on in multiplication, students will learn different facts, such as 0,1, 2, 5, 10's.  As we move through these lessons, students will be taking timed tests to "earn" toppings for an ice cream sundae party.  So, now would be the time to start practicing flash cards at home.  I will be sending home information about the multiplication incentive (ice cream sundae party) this week along with a list of websites that can be used to help your child as they learn their facts.

​In Social Studies, we have been working on our Government Unit.  For the past two weeks we have focused on the Declaration of Independence and the National Anthem.  We learned when and why these two documents came to be important in the foundation of America.  This week we will start learning about the Constitution.  Students will learn the duties of the three branches of government. 

Our Fall Party is coming up on Monday, October 31.  If you want to attend, the costume parade will be from 1:45-2:00 in the gym, and the party will be from 2:00-3:00 in the classroom.  There are a few supplies that still haven't been signed up for if you are interested in donating.​  Please note, we now have 21 STUDENTS if you are sending in snack. Students should bring their costume in their backpack to change into in the afternoon.  Remember, no masks, scary makeup, or pretend weapons are allowed.  If your child should not participate in the class party for any reason, we will have an alternate celebration they can attend with the specials teachers.  Just let me know if that is the case.

I look forward to seeing you at Parent Conferences on Wednesday or Thursday.  I sent home reminder notes with your child last Monday, along with a short form if you would like to talk to me about specific issues.  This will help me be better prepared for our conference.
Friday, September 30, 2016

News from Sept. 26-30

Thank you to all of you who sent back your Support Your Timberwolf envelope.  If you haven’t returned it yet, it’s not too late!  You can still return it next week or you can make your donation online

Today an orange flier is coming home with your child to tell you about our coin drive next week and our Spirit Week the following week.  All next week, students will be able to donate coins to containers with teacher pictures on them.  The top three teachers with the most money will get a pie in the face, silly stringed, or wrapped up like a mummy!  This has been a real hit in past years.

Next Friday is our Global Cardboard Challenge.  Students always look forward to this day!  If you are interested in helping that day, please use the following link
We are also collecting cardboard boxes and donations of heavy duty tape for students to use to make their creations.  As I mentioned earlier in the week, students can order a lunch from home or they can order a sack lunch from school that day.  They will let me know their choice on Wednesday.

This week the third grade teachers from across the district were able to attend a full day training with Instructional Technology Facilitators.  We learned several useful tools that we were able to come back the next day to put into practice.  It was a day well spent!

Your child might have mentioned our science activity with apples this week.  We have been learning about plants, and this Mystery Science lesson taught them about selection and how to grow the best, biggest, and sweetest fruit.  We tried 5 different kinds of apples.  The Jonathon apples were a big hit (they came from the apple orchard and were soooo delicious!).  We took our Plants assessment today.  We actually tried a digital option and the results weren’t user friendly, which resulted in us completing a written test.  It was worth a try though! J

In math we reviewed subtraction with regrouping (2 digits) and also used place value blocks to demonstrate regrouping with 3 digits.  We will continue 3 digit subtraction next week.

In reading, we read some really great books and practiced answering questions with text evidence.  We also looked at the Central message that the author was trying to get across to the reader.  Lastly, we touched on literal vs. nonliteral language.  We signed up for an additional online reading resource called Students can access it from home by using my login and password: scottc  There were many books to choose from and students seemed to enjoy the selection.

Students started writing their revised drafts into a Google doc on next week we will share our writing with classmates so that we can help one another edit and make more suggestions for revisions.  Students can access their google classroom accounts from any computer and from home if they would like to work on it from home.

I still have a few parents not signed up for parent conferences.  Please email me or call the office to schedule your conference time. 

Also, as the quarter is ending soon, please be sure that you have activated your Infinite Campus account, as this is how report cards will be accessed moving forward.

Ask your child to share with you the activity we did for our class meeting today! It was called the Hand Game.